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Supporting You to See The Possibility

I draw on my 30 year track record to coach and advise individuals, established and emerging leaders and leadership teams.

My mission is to prompt a journey of self-discovery, building resilience, developing latent capabilities and engendering self-belief to maximise performance.

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“I dwell in possibility.”

- Emily Dickinson

Transforming the business environment to drive a sustainability agenda.

In all the work I do, I encourage the flourishing of authentic behaviours, building a personal harmony to manage through the complexity and ambiguity of today’s environment.

My purpose is to enable every individual and organisation to see the possibility of everything they set out to do.

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Here’s what my clients say

I’ve noticed since undertaking the coaching programme with Nina that I’ve become more confident in my decisions and in the potential opportunities that lay ahead. I’m celebrating being well on the road to the next phase of my professional life and the endless possibilities that come with it.


Technology Solutions Company

The executive coaching process with Nina provided deep introspection and searching thought. Following every session, I emerged feeling invigorated and energised to face into situations. Overall, I have been surprised at the magnitude of inner strength and peace this process has helped me build.

Business Development Director,

Consumer Services Company

The coaching with Nina has given me the belief that I can trust myself and my capabilities and that I really can do things when I set my mind to them. This growing sense of a confident self has found me recognising myself and my fire and drive for things again. It’s been like being reintroduced to myself again.

Freelance Artist,

Own Company

The coaching has been sensitive and challenging in equal measure. Nina has terrific insight and empathy, listening carefully and allowing me the space to learn about myself, guiding where appropriate. I’m celebrating the greater self confidence and belief I have found.


Management Consultancy Company

Nina is extremely sharp, perceptive and quick thinking. The positive level of challenge she has given me has helped me address some of my development areas; likewise her positive affirmation of my strengths has helped me to fully realise and harness these.

Sustainability Director,

B2B Products and Services Company

Nina is both trustworthy and authentic. I felt encouraged and supported; without judgment. She helped me challenged my current mindset. The coaching accelerated my personal growth, developed my creativity, and provoked a change in my life.

Sales Director,

Financial Services Company

As a result of the coaching programme with Nina, I have become a more ambitious and confident version of myself. I am becoming a strong business woman and a calmer more focused leader.

Chief Executive Officer,

Consumer Products Company

Nina's style is solution-focused. She is great at challenging her client, while being empathic and funny. Everything flows easily. She shows up authentically. Nina is there for her client.

Human Resources Consultant,

Import/Export Company

The coaching relationship with Nina was built on trust. The process has given me an opportunity to ask myself the right questions. It’s given me the opportunity to reflect, and to ‘live in the moment’.

Engagement Manager,

Consultancy Company

There were things that I knew I needed to be able to do and thought I was not yet capable of doing them. Nina’s coaching helped me see that, in fact, I was.


Media and Entertainment Company

Coaching has given me the confidence and conviction to look into myself; very often the answers are within.

Chief Executive Officer,

B2B Services Company

Nina’s mix of empathetic yet perceptive and straight-talking coaching really helped provide me with greater focus and clarity as well as rekindling my self-confidence at a critical point in my career. I can’t recommend Nina highly enough.

Global Head of Sustainability,

Consumer Products Company

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