Published 13th of March 2023 by Nina

2022 Parker Review Committee Report Reflects Progress in FTSE 350 Board Diversity

News out earlier today reflects progress in #FTSE 350 Boardroom #diversity. In particular, Parker Review committee -- in conjunction with the #UK Department for #Business and Trade -- has just published results of its 2022 ‘voluntary census’ on the ethnic diversity of FTSE 350 company boards.

The Committee found that nearly all of the UK’s largest listed companies, i.e. the #FTSE100, had at least one Non Executive #Director from an #ethnic minority background. Packing even further a punch is that almost half (49%) have more than one!

Of the FTSE 250, too, there’s also notable progress which is great to see, with #leadership pressing on with the diversity and #inclusion journey. A marked 67% of companies are meeting the Parker Review target of having at least one #Director from a #minority ethic background (up from 55% the year earlier).

True, these Parker Review goals were put in place in 2017 and the business target was actually “One by 2021,” and not “One by 2022.”

However, there’s no doubting that systemwide changes are underway, supported by the Parker Review ambitions.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” remarked Albert Einstein, a man who was filled with curiosity, creativity, #innovation and courage to challenge the status quo.  He recognised the world was full of possibility and that each of us have it in us to help drive change.

What more can you do with 2023 to embrace #diversity#equity and #inclusion and drive change?


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