Published 22nd of April 2021 by Nina

Earth Day 2021: A Cause for Optimism?

April 22, 1970. Millions of Americans marched to have their voices heard, concerned about the #future of the planet. Viewed as important at its time, it nonetheless was also a day that was represented heavily by the hippy movement, not entirely ‘mainstream’.

Fifty-one years on, April 22, 2021, marks what is now a clearly international Earth Day event, with celebrations of the natural #world's beauty combined with advocation for earth’s #conservation and #sustainability.

Fifty-one years on, the day is one not only where modern day hippies are having their voices heard but also #leadership in government and NGOs, #business and communities across the globe.

Debate and discussion, protesting and advocating is today not only taking place on the streets but also happening physically and virtually, in Board rooms, conference rooms and…now, also…rooms in the White House.

Here’s to all of us, #government, #thirdsector, business leaders, the public – doing our individual and collective parts, no matter how big or how small, to protect our home and drive a #sustainable future for generations to come.

#climatechange #sustainabledevelopment #esg


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