Published 4th of August 2023 by Nina

Fancy a Go Within a Startup or Scaleup?

Anyone working as I do with #startups and #scaleups here in the #UK knows that it’s not a context for the faint-hearted. As an organisational and team #coach who has worked with large, established multi-nationals as well as startups and scaleups, I have witnessed the challenging journey start up leaders take as they create, trial and evolve the #business model, grapple with the operational execution as the business develops, and wrestle with how to sustain a #culture as the business – and therefore the company staff size – grows.

Still, as The Telegraph’s Lauren Shirreff points out, it’s seen as an attractive space, given the notional ‘big pay out’ that could come if a company sufficiently builds to scale to warrant a transaction (floatation, sale, etc).
And as “#London is #Europe’s biggest start-up hub,” there is ample opportunity for individuals keen on entering the world of startups or scaleups to give it a go.

Will it remain so, through these post-Brexit years? Will London’s lure and the ‘edge’ it has had for research and development, #innovation, attractive business #environment and access to #talent continue? 
Time will tell.

For now – at least for those who are not of the faint-hearted – there’s all to play for if you see the possibility.

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