Published 15th of August 2022 by Nina

Just Capital Releases Workforce Equality and Mobility Report

For those of you who haven’t yet, it’s worth having a read of JUST Capital’s 2022 Workforce #Equality and Mobility Ranking report.  Developed with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the recently released survey sees Just Capital assess the Russell 1000 US companies and identify a ‘Top 100’ for transparency of key disclosures and actions that “address racial #equality and advance opportunity and #mobility” for employees and communities served. 

Amongst other statistics which put them within the Top 100, compared with other companies in the Russell 1000, these #business leaders:-
- Were 4.6x more likely to disclose a #DEI target (62% compared to 13%)
- Were 8.2x more likely to have conducted a #race/ethnicity pay gap analysis (68% compared to 8%)
- Offered, on average, 1.7 more weeks of #parentalleave for primary caregivers
- Were 7.3x more likely to disclose that they had a re-entry programme
- Offered, on average, 13 more hours in #training per employee

The Top 10 included: SalesforceMastercardMicrosoftWells FargoIntuitAlphabet Inc.AdobeIntel CorporationJPMorgan Chase & Co.Synchrony.

While every country has unique dynamics and challenges, Just Capital's report holds meaning for business #leadership not only within the US but also outside it, particularly in view of the tight labour market faced, where both prospective hires and current employees have choices.


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