Published 7th of January 2022 by Nina

Marks & Spencer's Innovative "Shwopping" Scheme Prompts 'Circular' Thinking

For those of you who haven’t yet seen of UK retailer Marks and Spencer's “Shwopping” scheme -- whether you are here in the UK or elsewhere and whether you are a consumer or a #business leader -- it would be well worthwhile to take a look!!
This brilliant platform, created in collaboration with Oxfam and launched over a decade ago, makes it easy for consumers to donate unwanted clothing for reselling, reusing and #recycling.  
Moreover, along with this positive nudge, by allowing for a ‘free treat’ that is deposited in M&S customers’ online accounts, M&S is also supporting the mindset change to “think #circular.”
The sustainable #fashion scheme has, since its inception, diverted up to 35 million items from landfill, an extraordinary figure.
- For consumers: if you are undertaking a new year cleanse, including that of your wardrobe, here’s your chance to consider how you can be more #sustainable in your action
- For businesses: if you are undertaking January planning, here’s your chance to consider how you can nudge behavioural change and positively encourage a more #sustainability-centric mindset
As Head of Sustainable Business at M&S, Carmel McQuaid points out, “reselling, reusing, and recycling clothing is a simple way that we can all make a difference.”
How can you leverage your will, and make a difference?

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