Published 10th of March 2022 by Nina

Starbucks Looks for Innovative Concepts to Realise Sustainability Ambitions

Starbucks has just announced a test programme using only reusable cups for beverages at its Seattle office SODO 8 cafes. While it’s only a pilot, the concept is worth a look! It has potential to be a very high impact #sustainability-led innovation, should it be successfully rolled out across the US and, then, globally.

Following on from the trial of Borrow-A-Cup, this programme is part of the company's commitment to reducing single-use cup #waste, which is a huge challenge for Starbucks and other quick service restaurants.

The beauty of Starbucks' concepts is also that consumers more easily can to do their part and action responsible behaviours. 
- Customers order a beverage in a reusable cup and pay a $1 deposit. 
- That deposit is then credited back to them when they return the cup at a store’s return kiosk. 
- The cup is professionally cleaned, sanitised and put back in circulation within 48 hours.

Starbucks stresses that the concepts are in trial and not yet being slated for broadscale roll out. They are, nonetheless, worthy of note as product and service innovations greatly needed for #sustainabledevelopment

What can you do to promote #innovation in your business, to create a sustainable #future?


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