Published 14th of March 2021 by Nina

Supermarket Business Leaders Make Big Impact with Even Small but Meaningful Changes

UK grocer Waitrose & Partners has just announced its intention to set up new #plastic-reduction efforts: it committed to a comprehensive roll out of its #packaging-free, refillable products ‘refill stations’. What is particularly exciting about the news is that Waitrose accelerated launch plans because customer engagement was better than expected.

The public’s participation in this Waitrose programme and similar concepts launched by other UK grocers is not only reflective of an increased awareness of the 'plastics problem' (so-called “David Attenborough” effect) but also due to the ease of use of these refill stations.

According to this month’s Which? magazine, even with some very simple changes to their offer, UK grocers can have immense impact on plastic waste, e.g.:-
- Asda: switched from non-recyclable to recyclable ready-made-meal trays (saving 775 tonnes)
- Aldi UK: removed some yoghurt and cream cups' plastic lids (307 tonnes)
- Morrisons: removed fruit/veg products packaging (620 tonnes)

Leaders of these businesses showed their commitment to #sustainability while also making it easy for the public to shop sustainably.

What can you do in your business to help your customers more easily transition to sustainability?



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