Published 12th of March 2021 by Nina

TESCO: Not Only Fresh Products But Also Fresh Ideas

UK grocery powerhouse Tesco has once again shown its strength not only for providing the public with fresh produce but also giving us fresh ideas.

In 2019, the UK plc announced a pledge to remove one billion pieces of #plasticpackaging from its #uk business by the close of 2020. This week it (rightly) proudly announced it had met that goal, by working with its suppliers and through its in-house design team to deliver the goods.

With a slight tweak to the sustainability mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle”, TESCO has implemented a four-pillar strategy “remove, reduce, reuse and #recycle” for their design approach. It’s important, because one very key component in the drive for sustainability is to make it easier for the public to buy products which have sustainability embedded in their #design.

It takes not only words of commitment but also the will to achieve, with leadership unerring in the drive toward #sustainability. TESCO has shown, while the road is long, the journey has begun.

Here’s to TESCO’s #leadership -- and others who may be inspired by them – for more fresh ideas and their achievement in 2021, and long beyond.

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