Published 12th of November 2021 by Nina

UK Businesses Failing to Deliver on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Targets

XpertHR has just published results of #Diversity & #Inclusion (D&I) survey and the results are less-than-encouraging. Of those UK businesses surveyed, 95% said they are looking to boost D&I when recruiting new executives. However, only just over half view their #humanresources approaches and hiring practices as effective in delivering on the objective.

As Michael Carty, benchmarking editor at XpertHR conveyed, “Not only could a failure to boost #diversityandinclusion in recruitment processes lock out talent from being selected, it could also affect the organisation’s reputation, as clear commitments to D&I are an increasingly important factor for many job candidates.” And, once commitments have been made, walking the talk and delivering them is paramount.

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